Dead Hydrangea

When the sun hit this bush last month it sparkled purple and today, after a freeze, it reminds me of a renaissance painting, sensual and rich.  Ironic since it’s actually quite dead.

Looking at the picture I have the urge to reach in and run my fingers over the flowers imagining they would be soft and tender rather than what they are in reality – brittle and crisp.

There’s a meaning lurking within this photo that remains hidden for me.  I stare and stare on and off through the afternoon.  What is the secret buried behind the petals?

No response.  How silly to expect a photo to speak.  And if it spoke, what might it say?

Maybe it would tell me to look for the beauty all around me.  Often in unexpected places.  But always to be cherished.  If it spoke to you, what would it say?


  1. The picture would say to me: “Stop gazing at me and go clean your messy house.” And I would say “The messy house will be here tomorrow, and who knows how long I may stare at beauty? I should breathe it in while I can.” And the picture would sigh: “You are right. Stare at me as long as you like.”

    • Miriam

      October 15, 2012 at 5:09 pm

      You make me laugh. I love it! I remember you being way ahead of the curve – telling us we needed a computer when most of us had no idea how to use one. Does that date us? You bet!

  2. Malvina Reynolds wrote a song, the first line of which was “The world’s gone beautiful because it’s about to die.” I think of this when I see autumn leaves and dried-up hydrangeas.

  3. Saying hello to you from Nancy Mills’ Spirited Woman Top 12 Pick List! I see we are on the list together! Sending you warmest regards for your lovely book release and wishing you the best! Loving this blog, including the colors and btw hydrangeas are my fav!

    Dr. Margaret Aranda
    Author, No More Tears: A Physician Turned Patient Inspires Recovery

  4. Hi also from the Spirited Woman Top 12 List.=) I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your book cover! Who created it?
    Wishing you much success,
    Krista, author of “Reflections and Tails” and “The Neurology of Angels”

    • Miriam

      October 27, 2012 at 2:13 pm

      Thank you Krista – The cover was designed by Emily Mahon in New York. I had no idea of what I wanted on the cover. First she read Turtle Season and then came up with what you see. As soon as I saw it, I thought it was perfect. Beautiful and excactly right for my novel.
      Wishing you much success as well. Thanks for the connection. Miriam

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